The Partnership

Crédit photo Emilie Sfez

Passerelles-Théâtre is a professional company that creates contemporary theater shows. Always based on societal issues, the company defend an accessible and demanding theater.
 Convinced that theater has its place in the city, the company, Passerelles-Théâtre has also developed many projects in connection with the territory and its population since its establishment in Normandy (France) in 2011. In a concern of exchanges and accessibility, of circulation between cultural actions and artistic creation, we recognize that its attentive approach to the relationship with the public bears its fruits on the intimate of the individuals-citizens.  With her experience in cultural actions with a varied public, including people over 65 years old, Clotilde Labbé, director of the association, wishes to put her artistic and public expertise to good use in this European project. .

Glasgow Clyde College - 25.000 students. Values: "People-centred, Pioneering, Principled and Passionate". We are: unwavering in our expectation to conduct ourselves in a manner which is open, respectful with integrity; restless in our desire to be innovative, ambitious, forward thinking and corageous in pursuit of creating inspirational teaching to inspire students and staff achieve their full potential.

Associazione N.E.T. is a non-profit association founded in 2001 by experts in the training and education sector. The association is aimed primarily at disadvantaged target groups and collaborates with the local and regional level, but not only. Associazione N.E.T. is very active in the third sector to develop self-sustainable and fair-trade activities and to develop a sustainable economy through microcredit thanks to the collaboration with cooperatives and associations in the private sector that in Italy replace the public sector in many situations. Among the objectives of the association there are sustainable and ethical self-entrepreneurship, environment, organic and biodynamic agriculture, ethical and healthy cuisine, sustainable tourism.

36,6 Competence Centre (based in Łódź – city of film industry and creative businesses located in central POLAND) is an umbrella institution gathering professionals from many fields establishing interdisciplinary Experts Zone for the local development through international experience exchange. It was established in 2011 by professionals with academic background and experience in EU projects since 1999. We provide non-formal education along with guidance and counselling support to numerous target groups. 36,6 coordinated 3-year ‘Acting Up’ Erasmus+ project focused on using drama in adult education: The project aimed at exploiting the potential of drama techniques
to increase the motivation of adult learners. Since that time we have become an important player in the field of promoting theatre-wise amateur productions as a tool to engage various beneficiaries. Drama-based workshops and seminars constitute part of our training offer provided on regular basis both in traditional and on-line mode.

At ETIC_Algarve we promote the hungry spirit in constant restlessness, because we believe this to be the only way of feeding creativity.

In this school we look for the constant challenge of innovation and for that purpose we count with a committed team, in a relaxed environment, but not less demanding to minister training of excellency in the fields of Design, Photography, Sound & Music, Video, Videogames, Web & Communication.

Located in the heart of the city of Faro, ETIC_Algarve is one of the creative lungs in the region, in a space where creativity is lived and breathed, but also the discipline and working ability, in a multipurpose and multifaceted space, in which we strive for an environment that promotes the freedom to create.

The constant search for innovation and for improving the conditions given to our students has took ETIC_Algarve to give a larger stride in Europe, be it through Erasmus+ Internships, with a 3 month duration in several European cities, or through the establishment of pedagogical protocols that allow students to obtain Level 6 of the European Qualification Framework, through the progression of their studies in European Higher Schools."

Foundation of Agency for Social Service is a non-governmental organization, primarily active in the field of social welfare, assistance of disabled people and education of adults. In addition to the headquarters in Warsaw, the Foundation has three branches, in Plock, Torun and Gdynia. FASS primarily pursues social services, educational services and mentoring services. It employs an average of 50 people. Expertise relates specifically to social services provided to the elderly, sick and disabled and for the benefit of families and children. As well as professional reintegration of people in a difficult situation and adult education.

FASS for 10 years has taken action to ensure a decent life of disabled people and other often excluded members of society, through various forms of social services. Ensuring the normal functioning of excluded members in society and their social integration into the local environment is a top priority for the Foundation. Linked to this is the continuous stimulation of those disadvantaged groups to actively participate in social life and development of their skills.
The second goal of FASS is professional education of people working in social assistance by building and improving their competencies. Such as apprenticeships and professional practices for caregivers. Qualifying vocational courses and work training..

ACE  is a non-profit organisation set up in 2012, with the aim of promoting lifelong learning. It brings together the expertise of a group of 4 professionals who have worked previously in the public sector. All of them have trained students in several fields: entrepreneurship, equal opportunities, innovation, organic farming, e-learning and international cooperation projects.