Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Crédit photo Emilie Sfez

The Age on stage project aims at using theatre arts, as a tool to combat social exclusion and isolation as well as stimulating active citizen participation among elderly people and make them feel part of an inclusive Europe. Drama therapy for seniors, increases mental acuity, enhances the elderly’s relationships with those around them, bolsters self-esteem, and is just plain fun.
The Age on stage project has the objective to develop a Theatre pathway focused on life Stories of seniors participants. It will introduce acting and presentation skills to help older people shape their memories into stories  

culminating in a public performance for peers and others in the community. Educators will encourage participants to recall sometimes rare memories stirred by a common item, such as a thimble, or a question such as “Can you describe the first kitchen you ever remember eating in? Do you remember the first time you used remote control for television?”
The pathway will be on paper and on line as well, to be transferred and exploited also by different vulnerable targets like migrants, drop out, offenders/ex-offenders

Crédit photo Emilie Sfez